Our Vision

We believe that every child, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserves access to high-quality education from the earliest stages of life. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to empower children with the foundational skills and knowledge they need to succeed, laying the groundwork for a brighter future.

Our Mission

By making early education accessible and affordable, we aspire to break the cycle of poverty, foster equitable opportunities, and cultivate a generation of confident, capable, and compassionate individuals ready to impact their communities and the world.

Mission: POSSIBLE!

The challenge

Making a significant and transformative difference in the world before a person lands on Mars.

The goal

Quality and affordable preschool in areas where early education programs are lacking.

the Process

Three-plus years of searching for the perfect location to ensure a significant impact on childhood education.


Current site: Summit, IL
Who knows what the future may hold!


The greatest influence on individuals and society (the greatest return on investment) can be made by positively influencing the early years of life. -James Heckman, University of Chicago economist and Nobel laureate


We will partner with Summit School District 104 and utilize a play-based developmentally appropriate curriculum. Central to our approach is building strong relationships within the community and actively engaging families to create a supportive learning environment for all.

Union Church of Hinsdale


Union Church of Hinsdale has been mission-oriented for 159 years. In 1955, as part of its community outreach, the church created a preschool program. Over the years, it has grown into Union Church Early Childhood Programs (UCECP). Union Church and UCECP have a shared mission to minister to the needs of the whole human family within our congregation, community, nation, and world.

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