Sunday April 29 – a VERY IMPORTANT day!

Sunday, April 29, will be a VERY BIG day for our Before We Get to Mars decision making process!

Quick review: Based on input from over 150 church members we are down to four possible areas of work for our all-church BWGTM focus: Jobs, Hunger/Food Justice, Education, and Gun Violence. Our February all-church retreat was highly useful in understanding these areas of work, and there is much information in the videos of that retreat posted below. Big time commitment – but worth it!

And now, it is time for the congregation to choose our final, single area of focus. On Sunday, April 29, we will use our regular worship time to present information about each of the four areas, and then we will distribute a survey for everyone to be part of the final decision. So, please be present on April 29 (either worship service), and then please respond to the survey. We will also distribute the survey to the whole congregation, but you will appreciate having all the information from April 29 to make a good decision.

(Note: remember that this will narrow us down to one AREA OF WORK, but much more work/research and relationship building will need to be done before the congregation decides what the actual SPECIFIC STRATEGY/PROJECT within this one area of work will be.)

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